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1648 Brewery

East Hoathly, E. Sussex.

1648 - brewery based near East Hoathly, E. Sussex. with 19 beers listed including Armistice Ale to Warrant

1648 Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Armistice Ale 4.2% Full bodied, richly flavoured Remembrance Ale w... 01/11/2011 Compare?
Bee-Head 4.6% A honey coloured, soft summer ale with a gentle... 01/10/2011 Compare?
Brew Master 3.9% A full bodied malty dark golden ale with a well... Occasional Compare?
Declaration 4.1% Originally created to celebrate the local Crick... 01/06/2011 Compare?
Festivale 30 3.8% Light autumn beer with orchard and hedgerow flo... 01/09/2011 Compare?
Ginger No 1 4.5% Ruby in colour brewed with a very subtle flavou... 01/12/2011 Compare?
Ginger Nol 4.7% Ruby in colour brewed with a very subtle flavou... Discontinued Compare?
Gold Angel 5% A full flavoured strong golden ale, brewed with... 01/10/2011 Compare?
Hop Pocket 3.7% An assertively hopped light beer giving the dri... 01/07/2011 Compare?
Lammas Ale 4.2% Amber/brown full bodied great tasting beer with... 01/08/2011 Compare?
Oak Ale 4% An old fashioned style of best, brown bitter wi... Permanent Compare?
Original 3.9% Light straw in colour, brewed to be full of fla... Occasional Compare?
Ruby Mild 3.6% Ruby coloured and mild on the palate. Smooth an... 01/05/2012 Compare?
Saint George 4.5% Medium brown in colour, sweet and full flavoure... 01/04/2011 Compare?
Signature 4.4% Very light in colour with a surprising bitter b... Permanent Compare?
Smoked Ale 4.7% A deep ruby beer brewed with a generous measure... 01/02/2011 Compare?
Three Threads 4.3% Combining three beer styles to produce a fully ... 01/05/2011 Compare?
Triple Champion 4% An old fashioned style, Chestnut coloured Bitte... Permanent Compare?
Warrant 4.8% Full bodied , deeply flavoured, dark winter ale... 01/03/2012 Compare?