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Alehouse Brewery

St Albans, Herts

Alehouse - brewery based near St Albans, Herts with 16 beers listed including Balance & poise to Very Hospitable Landlord

Alehouse Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Balance & poise 4.4% Mid Brown, a hint of dark malt balanced with fl... Permanent Compare?
Big Ape 5.3% An American pale ale, golden coloured with mass... Occasional Compare?
Butts Park Bitter 4.4% Pale with a bug floral hop nose, floral/citrus ... Permanent Compare?
6.5% In the style of an American IPA, big hop nose, ... Occasional Compare?
Glacial Summit 5% Extremely palewitha tangerine nose and orange/c... Occasional Compare?
Halcyon Glacier 3.9% A single hop beer - with a fruity hop aroma and... Occasional Compare?
Halcyon Magnum 3.8% Pale with beautiful floral hop aroma and flavou... Occasional Compare?
Head full of Northdown 3.6% Pale with a pleasant hop nose and flavour, and ... Occasional Compare?
Little Ape 4.7% An American pale ale, golden coloured with mass... Occasional Compare?
Micks Marauder 3.4% Golden with easy hop nose and flavour and a gen... Permanent Compare?
Robust Porter 4.3% US style porter with a big chocolate roast char... Permanent Compare?
Session Porter 3.8% A big flavoured porter with chocolate and burnt... Occasional Compare?
Simplicity 3.6% Pale with big citrus aroma, grapefruit hop flav... Permanent Compare?
Technicians Pale 4.3% Pale with floral hop nose, light citrus hop fla... Permanent Compare?
Those were the daze 3.5% Pale summer ale with fragrant hop nose and a pl... Occasional Compare?
Very Hospitable Landlord 4% Pale with citrus/floral nose and flavour and a ... Occasional Compare?