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Anglo Dutch Brewery

Dewsbury, W. Yorks.

Anglo Dutch - brewery based near Dewsbury, W. Yorks. with 25 beers listed including Apistus to Yorkshire Relish

Anglo Dutch Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Apistus 4% A light Summer ale with mellow hoppiness. Made ... Permanent Compare?
Beer Blanket 4.1% A robust golden beer brewed with strong Hercule... 01/02/2011 Compare?
Best Bitter 3.8% A dark amber traditional bitter with a distinct... Discontinued Compare?
Devil's Knell 4.8% A reddish winter beer named after the bell in D... Winter Compare?
Ghost on the Rim 4.5% A pale, full-bodied bitter with a citrus finish... Permanent Compare?
Ghoul & Ghost 5.2% Very pale in colour it deceives you. Dry hoppy ... Discontinued Compare?
Ghoulis 4.5% The organic version of Ghost on the Rim. Occasional Compare?
God's Own Ale 4.2% An amber ale with notes of coffee. Brewed for Y... 01/08/11 Compare?
Jasper's Ale 4.4% A pale, very hoppy bitter brewed to mark the Du... Occasional Compare?
Jasperus 4.4% The organic version of Jasper's Ale. Pale, dry ... Occasional Compare?
Kletswater 4% A light amber session bitter with a biscuit fin... Permanent Compare?
Midsummer Ale 4% An aromatic light ale brewed for Midsummer's day. Summer Compare?
Mild Rabarber 4% A black mild with a taste of roast barley. Raba... Spring Compare?
Mitch's Brew 4.1% An amber bitter with a hoppy nose. Brewed in me... Occasional Compare?
No Doubt it's t'Stout 5.2% A red black stout, full of malt and roast barley. Autumn Compare?
Sarah Barnes Stark Raven Wild 6% A black beer... Gently caressing the tongue wit... Spring Compare?
Spikes on t'way 4.2% Very pale ale with a gorgeous aroma. The dry ho... Permanent Compare?
Spikus 4.2% The organic version of Spikes on t'Way. Pale, l... Occasional Compare?
Supreme Spikus 4.5% A stronger, organic version of Spike's on t'Way... Occasional Compare?
Sweet Jane 4% A pale bitter wheat beer - it has a hint of van... Permanent Compare?
Tabaa'the 5% "Tabaa'tje" is a low strength version of the s... Occasional Compare?
Tabatha the Knackered 6% A very pale Belgian-style Tripel, with strong f... Permanent Compare?
Whitterus 4% The organic version of Kletswater. Occasional Compare?
Wild Flower 4.2% Very pale, refreshing and hoppy, brewed with la... 01/08/2011 Compare?
Yorkshire Relish 4.7% Pale, bitter, smooth & strong. Occasional Compare?