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Arundel Brewery

Arundel, West Sussex.

Arundel - brewery based near Arundel, West Sussex. with 50 beers listed including Arundel Classic to Winston Churchale

Arundel Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Arundel Classic 4.5% A special bitter with a good hop and fruit arom... Compare?
ASB 4.5% A special bitter with a good hop and fruit arom... Permanent Compare?
Autumn Fall 4.1% A pale and hoppy seasonal beer, brewed with Pho... 01/11/2008 Compare?
Autumn Old Ale 4.6% 01/12/2011 Compare?
Black Beastie 4.9% A dark brown full-bodied beer. Malt and fruit c... 01/03/2011 Compare?
Black Stallion 3.7% A traditionally brewed, dark and creamy mild. ... Permanent Compare?
Boss Hog 4.8% A subtle, yet powerful, well rounded ale with a... 01/07/2007 Compare?
Bullseye 5% A golden beer with good hop flavours and a plea... 01/09/2011 Compare?
Castle 3.8% A tawny coloured beer with a hoppy aroma. The f... Permanent Compare?
Celebration Stout 4.6% A traditional stout original brewed for the bre... 01/11/2007 Compare?
Chilly Willie 4.6% 01/01/2007 Compare?
Fat Willie 4.3% A pale amber coloured beer with a hoppy finish. 01/05/2007 Compare?
Feasta Bunny 4% A dark amber beer brewed for Easter. Sweet and ... 01/03/2008 Compare?
Footslogger 4.4% Challenger hops give a good bitter flavour and ... 01/05/2011 Compare?
Gauntlet 3.5% A light, refreshing, easy drinking session beer... Permanent Compare?
Grog 4.8% A deep copper coloured bitter full of roast mal... Compare?
Grumpy Granny 4.3% Amber, fairly bitter with a slight chocolate fi... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Hairy Mary 3.7% Dark Amber, medium bitterness, soft citrus finish. 01/08/2007 Compare?
Hard Willie 4.7% 01/09/2007 Compare?
Harvest 4.4% A well hopped golden beer with an easy going ta... 01/09/2007 Compare?
Hoppycock 4.4% 01/07/2007 Compare?
Lazy Willie 4.5% The latest in the "Willie" series, following Wi... 01/10/2007 Compare?
Leaky Willie 4% The latest in the "Willie" series, following Wi... 01/09/2007 Compare?
Little Willie 4% A golden coloured session beer, Well hopped wit... 01/07/2007 Compare?
Long Willie 3.9% A traditional style amber coloured ale, well ba... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Old Conspirator 5% A dark fruity beer. 01/11/2007 Compare?
Old Knucker 5.5% A classic dark old ale with a superb rich fruit... 01/02/2011 Compare?
Old Scrooge 5.3% A strong ale that will be remembered in Christm... 01/12/2011 Compare?
Pickled Mouse 4.1% A tawny brown beer with a pleasurable malt and ... 01/01/2011 Compare?
Prize Fighter 4.6% 01/03/2011 Compare?
Red Devil 4.2% 01/07/2011 Compare?
Romeo's Rouser 5.3% A golden beer with a titillating fruity nose. B... 01/02/2008 Compare?
Special Bitter 4.5% Superb hop and fruit aroma with a pleasing bitt... Compare?
Spooky 4.6% A full flavoured dark ale with a predominantly ... 01/10/2011 Compare?
Spotty Willie 4.3% 01/06/2007 Compare?
St Elmo's Fire 4.2% Clean tasting golden bitter with a fruity aroma... 01/08/2011 Compare?
St Georges 4.6% 01/04/2011 Compare?
Sting in the Tale 4.7% 01/04/2011 Compare?
Stronghold 4.7% A very smooth, full flavoured premium bitter. A... Permanent Compare?
Summer Daze 4.7% An amber coloured premium beer with a nice bitt... 01/09/2011 Compare?
Sussex Giant 5% 01/03/2011 Compare?
Sussex Gold 4.2% A rich golden beer with a hoppy, citrus finish.... Permanent Compare?
Sussex Mild 3.7% A traditional, deliciously dark and smooth mild... Discontinued Compare?
Sussex XB 4.5% 01/11/2011 Compare?
Tommy Knocker 4.5% A rich full bodied beer with a fruity aroma. Fr... 01/05/2011 Compare?
Trident 5% An amber-coloured strong beer with a citrus, fr... Permanent Compare?
Warm Willie 5.3% A dark warming winter ale, Initial maltiness is... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Welly Weather 4.1% A full bodied, dark bitter with a complex roast... 01/03/2007 Compare?
Wet Willie 4.4% A pale, golden medium-bodied beer with a distin... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Winston Churchale 4.7% A tawny ale with a soft, malty initial flavour ... 01/06/2011 Compare?