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Bank Top Brewery

Bolton, Lancs.

Bank Top - brewery based near Bolton, Lancs. with 27 beers listed including Bad T'Bone to Volunteer Bitter

Bank Top Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Bad T'Bone 4% A rustic tan coloured beer with floral qualitie... Permanent Compare?
Bank Top Dark Mild 4% Full bodied dark mild with hints of liquorice a... Permanent Compare?
Barley to Beer 3.8% A blend of English malt and Eastern Europian ho... Permanent Compare?
Beetlejuice 4.2% A straw coloured bitter with a fine blend of sp... Halloween Compare?
Bikes, Trikes & Beer 3.6% The colour of fresh engine oil! BTB is a pale b... Discontinued Compare?
Blonde 5% An extremely pale ale made with New Zealand hop... Summer Compare?
Bowl Town Bitter 3.8% A straw coloured session bitter with citrus and... Discontinued Compare?
Brydge Bitter 3.8% A pale session bitter with a distinctive bitter... Discontinued Compare?
Cliff Hanger 4.5% A sweet ruby red beer with Styrian Goldings aft... Discontinued Compare?
Dark Mild 4% A full bodied dark mild with a malt and roast a... Compare?
Drooping Beaver 3.9% 01/10/2007 Compare?
Flat Cap 4% Pale bitter with citrus aroma and hoppy citrus ... Permanent Compare?
Game, Set & Match 3.8% A rustic tan colour with citrus and blackcurran... Discontinued Compare?
Gold Digger 4% Golden coloured with a citrus aroma. Grapefruit... Permanent Compare?
Leprechaun Stout 6% A tribute to an Irish tradition - drinking! A p... Compare?
Old Slapper 4.2% A light and refreshing straw coloured bitter br... Discontinued Compare?
Orient Line 4.2% Brewed with American Amarillo hops, this new ad... Occasional Compare?
Outback Bitter 4.2% Brewed with Australian hops, "Outback Bitter" i... Discontinued Compare?
Pavilion IPA 4.5% Created shortly after the brewery moved site to... Permanent Compare?
Port O Call 5% A dark and mysterious, easy drinking winter ale... Occasional Compare?
Samuel Cromptons 4.2% Amber coloured beer with a fresh citrus-peel ar... Discontinued Compare?
Santa's Claws 5% A rich and fruity copper coloured beer with a h... 01/12/2011 Compare?
Smokestack Lightnin' 5% Pale, straw coloured beer with hoppy aromas and... Discontinued Compare?
St Georges Ale 4.1% A bronze coloured bitter with a spicy fruit aroma. ??? Compare?
Sweeney's 3.8% An amber bitter brewed with a highly rated Germ... Permanent Compare?
The Haka 4.2% A pale ale made with New Zealands Pacific Gem H... Discontinued Compare?
Volunteer Bitter 4.2% A great Anglo-American alliance - pale bitter b... Permanent Compare?