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Coach House Brewery

Warrington, Cheshire.

Coach House - brewery based near Warrington, Cheshire. with 38 beers listed including Blunderbus to Xmas Pudding

Coach House Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Blunderbus 5.5% A superb winter beer. Massive mouthfeel and as ... Winter Compare?
Bootleg Valentine Ale 5% Fruity, bitter and fairly sweet with a dry, wel... 01/02/2008 Compare?
Burns Aulde Sleekit 5.5% A pale golden beer in which the full malty flav... 01/01/2008 Compare?
Cheshire Gold 4.1% A pale golden beer brewed entirely with malted ... Permanent Compare?
Chinook Pale Ale 4.1% The third in a series of single hop variety bee... 01/11/2005 Compare?
Christmas Stocking 4.3% 01/12/2008 Compare?
Cinnamon Ale 4.2% A medium coloured bitter. Smooth and slightly s... Permanent Compare?
Coachmans Best 3.7% Full bodied with a rich malty flavour and a tou... Permanent Compare?
Combine Harvester 5.1% A strong pale golden bitter with a distinctive ... 01/08/2008 Compare?
Countdown 4.7% A traditional mellow Best Bitter. Smooth and so... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Cracker Barrel 4.6% A full-bodied beer with fruit and hops prominen... 01/11/2008 Compare?
Cromwells 4% A well balanced amber coloured beer with a smoo... Permanent Compare?
Dewi Sant Heritage Ale 4.7% Brewed to celebrate St David's Day. A rich ale ... 01/03/2008 Compare?
Dick Turpin 4.2% A medium coloured, golden brew with exceptional... Permanent Compare?
Farriers Best 3.9% A distinctive beer the colour of burnished gold... Permanent Compare?
Flintlock Pale Ale 4.4% A pale golden ale, light on the palate with a s... Permanent Compare?
Fruit Beers 5% Pale in colour with a light delicate bitterness... Permanent Compare?
Gingernut Premium 5% A light, refreshing, premium strength beer with... Permanent Compare?
Gunpowder Mild 3.8% Full-bodied and roasty dark mild. Hints of vani... Permanent Compare?
Honeypot 3.8% A medium-bodied golden bitter, lightly hopped. ... Permanent Compare?
I.S.R. 4.5% Innkeepers Special Reserve - a magnificent ruby... Permanent Compare?
Innkeepers Special Reserve 4.5% ISR - a magnificent ruby colour beer of premi... Permanent Compare?
Leprechaun Ale 4.7% Full-bodied and smooth as velvet. A hint of cin... 01/03/2008 Compare?
Old Wharf 4.2% A cooper coloured ale, with aroma of apples, bu... Compare?
Osters Summer PA 4% A distinctive, light golden beer with a clean t... Summer Compare?
Posthorn Premium 5% Golden coloured, smooth, premium ale with a rob... Permanent Compare?
Postlethwaites 4.6% A golden coloured beer names after the Warringt... Permanent Compare?
Rabbit's Punch 4.2% A well balanced copper coloured beer with a ric... Easter Compare?
Regal Birthday Ale 4.7% A rich sumptuous ale the fruity taste is well b... 01/04/2008 Compare?
Squires Gold 4.2% A golden coloured Spring beer. New Zealand hops... Spring Compare?
St George's Heritage Ale 4.9% A medium coloured bitter which drinks with a cr... 01/04/2008 Compare?
Summer Sizzler 4.2% A golden coloured summer pale ale. Medium bodie... Summer Compare?
Taverners Autumn Ale 5% A gold coloured beer, fruity and bitter with a ... Autumn Compare?
Three Kings 6% A strong, hoppy and fruity Christmas ale with s... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Turnpike 3.8% A pale golden beer, light on the palate with a ... Compare?
Winter Ale [Name TBC] 3.9% A superb ruby coloured winter beer. A malty pal... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Wizards Wonder 4.2% A haunting blend of malt and hops give this mid... 01/10/2008 Compare?
Xmas Pudding 4.4% A ruby coloured premium beer redolent with flav... 01/12/2008 Compare?