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Marstons Brewery

Burton on Trent, Staffs.

Marstons - brewery based near Burton on Trent, Staffs. with 25 beers listed including 175 Not Out to Wicked Witch

Marstons Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
175 Not Out 4.2% A classic Burton Pale ale. Golden brown in colo... 01/01/2009 Compare?
Ashes Ale 4.1% Easy drinking light coloure pale ale. 01/08/2009 Compare?
Christmas Ale 5.8% A high gravity pale ale, well attenuated to giv... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Double Drop 5% 'Doubloe Dropping' involves 'dropping' the bee... 01/03/2006 Compare?
Dragon's Tale 4.5% A malty, full bodied ale crafted with selected ... 01/04/2009 Compare?
Fever Pitch 4.2% The extremely pale ale combines Maris Otter mal... 01/06/2006 Compare?
John Marston Ale 4.6% In 1834 John Marston opened his Burton brewery.... 01/03/2009 Compare?
Long Hop 4% Light coloured refreshing bitter brewed using d... 01/08/2009 Compare?
Lord Taverners Ale 4.2% A golden amber full-bodied bitter. 01/06/2009 Compare?
Marstons Bitter 3.8% A light, fruity beer with a touch of roast and ... Permanent Compare?
Merrie Monk 4.5% A truly delightful mild ale that's amber in col... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Nightwatchman 3.8% A very quaffable light coloured but full flavou... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Old Empire 5.7% To coincide with World Cup West Indies. Brief... Compare?
Pedigree 4.5% A fine combination of mineral enriched Burton w... 01/05/2006 Compare?
Ploughman's Ale 4.6% A malty, mellow, nutty porter. 01/10/2009 Compare?
Pomp & Circumstance 3.8% A light coloured pale ale brewed with a touch o... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Powder Cask 4.1% This full flavoured bitter has all the aromas o... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Pure Blonde 4.2% A light coloured beer brewed from Pale malt wit... 01/08/2006 Compare?
Resolution 4.7% A low carb, premium beer! It's double fermentat... 01/01/2006 Compare?
Single Malt 4.2% Single Malt is brewed using 100% Golden Promise... 01/09/2006 Compare?
Strong Pale Ale 6.2% A smooth, strong and very quaffable beer which ... 01/11/2006 Compare?
Summer Ale 4% A classic easy drinking ale to mark the start o... Compare?
Sweet Chariot 4.8% A beautifully full and fruity flavoured beer wi... 01/02/2009 Compare?
Ugly Sisters 4.5% Brewed using Golden Promise malt and Fuggles an... 01/12/2009 Compare?
Wicked Witch 4.6% A rich russet brown coloured beer with complex ... 01/10/2006 Compare?