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Red Squirrel Brewery


Red Squirrel - brewery based near Hertford with 15 beers listed including Conservation Bitter to Scottish Ale

Red Squirrel Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Conservation Bitter 4.1% A very popular traditional bitter. Made using c... Permanent Compare?
Dark Ruby Red Mild 3.7% A very dark, exceedingly full bodied, dark garn... Occasional Compare?
Gold 4.2% Brewed using Pale Malt, Wheat & Carapils. Flavo... Permanent Compare?
Herts Honey Porter 5% Hertfordshire Honey Porter contains the finest ... Permanent Compare?
IPA in the USA 4.5% A modern American Craft Brewed Indian Pale Ale.... Occasional Compare?
Michigan Ale 5% A modern large refreshing American pale ale con... Occasional Compare?
No 1 Bitter 4.1% Based on the first ever-registered trademark, ... Occasional Compare?
Original English IPA 5% Brewed in the traditional style as the ales sen... Occasional Compare?
Pilzner 4.5% A tradition Bohemian cask conditioned lager bre... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Red Squirrel Bitter 3.9% RSB - A bright refreshing hoppy ale. Full of fl... Permanent Compare?
Red Squirrel Gold 4.2% Based on a Bavarian recipe. Brewed using three ... Permanent Compare?
Red Squirrel IPA 4.1% Brewed in the traditional IPA style. Large lemo... Permanent Compare?
Red Squirrel Stout 4.9% A traditional, full bodied, dark, sweet stout w... Permanent Compare?
Red Squirrel Wheat Beer 4.5% A bright, light, refreshing Englsih wheat beer ... Occasional Compare?
Scottish Ale 4.3% A traditional lightly bittered Scottish style a... Occasional Compare?