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Shardlow Brewery

Cavendish Bridge, Leics.

Shardlow - brewery based near Cavendish Bridge, Leics. with 15 beers listed including Best Bitter to Whistle Stop

Shardlow Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Best Bitter 3.9% A well-balanced amber coloured, quaffable best ... Compare?
Cavendish Dark 3.7% A mild, well balanced beer with a hoppy afterta... Compare?
Cavendish Gold 4.5% A premium pale bitter. Compare?
Chancellors Revenge 3.6% A light coloured, refreshing, full flavoured, w... Compare?
Five Bells 5% A ruby coloured powerful ale with a bittersweet... Compare?
Golden Delight 4% A refreshing golden bitter, light and exceeding... Compare?
Golden Hop 4.1% A golden bitter, dry hopped with Goldings for a... Compare?
Kiln House 4.1% A refreshing golden ale with a lingering bitter... Compare?
Mayfly 4.8% A pale premium bitter showing good balance betw... Compare?
Narrow Boat 4.3% A pale amber bitter with a short, crisp, hoppy ... Compare?
Old Stable 4.4% A hoppy dark ale brewed with a blend of three f... Compare?
Platinum Blonde 5% Lager malt and Phoenix hop producing a powerful... Compare?
Reverend Eatons Ale 4.5% A smooth premium, medium strong bitter. Full of... Compare?
Special 3.9% A well balanced, full tasting session ale. Compare?
Whistle Stop 5% Marris Otter pale malt and hops go together to ... Compare?