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Wissey Valley Brewery

Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

Wissey Valley - brewery based near Stoke Ferry, Norfolk with 13 beers listed including Bodger Brown to W.V.B

Wissey Valley Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Bodger Brown 4% Smooth and malty Compare?
Busted Flush 4.4% A double hopped amber bitter Compare?
Captain Grumpys Best 3.9% Late Hopped Compare?
Dawn 4.3% A light ale - dry hopped Compare?
Golden Rivet 5.1% A strong beer brewed with Phoenix hops Compare?
Hop-a-holic 4.7% A special easter beer, bursting with triple fla... Compare?
Old Faithful 4.5% A traditional amber bitter. Compare?
Old Grumpy 4.5% A traditional porter with Challenger and Target... Compare?
Old Wobbly 4.2% An 'Old Style' Dark amber beer Compare?
Ratty Bobs 4% A light amber coloured bitter - medium hopped Compare?
Stoked Up 4.4% A pale ale with a distinctive hoppiness Compare?
Sunset 5% A golden Hoppy string bitter Compare?
W.V.B 3.6% A medium amber coloured bitter Compare?