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Converted Oast House beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
Weetwood Oast-House Gold Tarporley, Cheshire. 5% Compare?
Traquair House Traquair House Ale Innerleithern, Borders. 7.2% Compare?
Coach House I.S.R. Warrington, Cheshire. 4.5% Compare?
Rudgate On the House Tockwith, York. 3.7% Compare?
Station House See Frodsham Brewery TBC Compare?
High House Farm Top Tup Matfen, Northumberland 4.5% Compare?
Traquair House Stuart Ale Innerleithern, Borders. 4.5% Compare?
Coach House Leprechaun Ale Warrington, Cheshire. 4.7% Compare?
Coach House Old Wharf Warrington, Cheshire. 4.2% Compare?
Coach House Turnpike Warrington, Cheshire. 3.8% Compare?
Coach House Postlethwaites Warrington, Cheshire. 4.6% Compare?
Coach House Three Kings Warrington, Cheshire. 6% Compare?
Coach House Coachmans Best Warrington, Cheshire. 3.7% Compare?
Coach House Winter Ale [Name TBC] Warrington, Cheshire. 3.9% Compare?
Traquair House Jacobite Ale Innerleithern, Borders. 8% Compare?
Coach House Wizards Wonder Warrington, Cheshire. 4.2% Compare?
Exe Valley Church House Ale Silverton, Devon. 4.1% Compare?
Traquair House Bear Ale Innerleithern, Borders. 5% Compare?
Coach House Honeypot Warrington, Cheshire. 3.8% Compare?
Box Steam Blind House Chippenham, Wilts. 4.6% Compare?